The Port Volunteer Fire Company was first established April 3, 1929 with Mr. E.T. Spotts as the Chairman. At the time it was stated that that even though the fire company was not in a position to purchase expensive equipment that the formation of an organized fire company would aid in the prevention of fires in as much as they would keep a lookout for fire hazards.

On April 4 of the same year a committee was established to draw up the first Constitution and By-Laws to be used to govern the fire company.

On January 3, 1930 a certificate was issued by the court and entered in the Office for the Prothonotary setting forth the Decree of the Court granting the Port Matilda Fire Company its Charter with the Port Matilda Borough.

On December 20, 1930 the Port Matilda Fire Company took delivery of a used Childe International Pumper with solid rubber tires from the Prospect Fire Engine Company, Roaring Spring PA. for the contract price of $1268. On January 15 1931 500’ of 2 ½ hose was purchased for $650. The fire company now had a working piece of apparatus. In 1944 they began looking to upgrade to a Ford chassis and requested specifications for a pumper that would pump 375 GPM or 500GPM. Far below what is necessary or acceptable to today’s standards.

At the time the Port Matilda Fire Company covered mainly Port Matilda Borough and a small surrounding geographic area.

The coverage area for the Port Matilda Fire Company has grown considerably since its beginnings in 1929. The area is diverse with farms, rural housing developments, small businesses, and undeveloped mountain and valley areas.

The population of our coverage is 5,882 and the coverage area is approximately 101 square miles. The growth of this area is rapid and is inhabited by many employees and students of The Penn State University. The construction of Interstate 99 has also created new and diverse needs for the Fire Company.